Turn the page on your criminal record !

This service is available remotely or in person at our three locations (Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau) in French and English.

It is offered to women and people of various gender identities.

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Quebec has been offering an accompaniment service since May 2023 for pardon and criminal record suspension applications.

Are you afraid to apply for a job because of your record ?  
Have you ever been turned down for an apartment because you had a criminal record ?  
Do you hesitate to travel because of your record ?

The ARPE project (Aide régionale au pardon pour Elles) aims to help people verify their eligibility for a pardon or record suspension, and to support them in the necessary steps. Financial assistance to cover the costs of certain steps may be granted to people experiencing financial difficulties.


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Aide régionale au pardon pour Elles - Projet ARPE       
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