Offered on a weekly basis since 2005 at the Thérèse-Casgrain House in Montreal, this workshop is a space for creation and free expression through the visual arts (painting, sculpture, drawing, etc.), crafts and writing. It is open and accessible to anyone interested, whether they live at the Thérèse-Casgrain House or are involved in external SEFQ programs.

At the workshop, it's possible to undertake a personal process using art materials, in an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. It's also a meeting place, open to occasional visits and informal exchanges.

Workshop’s supervisor Valérie Descroisselles-Savoie notes that the creativity workshop represents an interesting continuity for women in transition from detention to the community. Familiarity with the artistic process and the community worker encourage integration into the new living environment. This workshop can be:

  • a moment of respite from the ups and downs of daily life
  • an opportunity to engage in a pleasant, relaxing and rewarding activity
  • an opportunity to learn, develop creative skills and share with others
  • a place to create items for loved ones and family, and to maintain a contact and a bond with them

In addition to regular activities, the workshop occasionally offers special events, such as museum visits and animated workshops in partnership with other organizations.