Examples of artistic projects supported by the Elizabeth Fry Society of Quebec:

2004 : Contemporary dance at the Maison Tanguay

Choreographer: Claire Jenny

2006 : Contemporary dance at the Joliette Institution

Choreographer: Claire Jenny
Videographer: Margaux Murray

2007 : Docs Entr'Elles, documentary film screenings at the Maison Tanguay

Programming by Aleksandra Zajko, in partnership with the RIDM

2009 : Soma Populi, danse project at the Maison Tanguay

Choreographer: Elise Hardy

Since 2011 : Women Inmate Jury, as part of the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM)

To learn more about the origins of this initiative, consult the article published by Culture pour tous, Le documentaire à travers les murs (in French). For information about RIDM's activities in correctional facilities, visit the RIDM Website.